Enough is Enough Rally, Blue Mountains

Across the country, women have gathered to say, “Enough is enough”.

Now people from the Blue Mountains will gather together to state that violence against women has no place in our community and it needs to stop.

A rally will be held on Saturday, June 5th at 11am in the courtyard outside the old library in Katoomba.

Organiser Anne McKenzie said: “Come along and hear from speakers and protest for change. People are invited to come at 9.30am to make a sign or poster. The young women from the Artspace Project are setting this up. Afterwards, we hope that people will stay on for a bit of lunch and work out strategies for taking action.”

Another organiser, Cherie Brandon from the Blue Mountains Women’s Health and Resource Centre, said: “We want to share our determination to change the rules for our society. We want a community where women are safe to move around without harassment. This should be so in the public sphere as well as the workplace and the home, women should be safe from assault and domestic violence”.

Ms McKenzie added: “Safety for women will only be assured when men recognise that they have responsibility, individually and collectively. It will take more than women speaking up – again, as they have so many times before. We need men to stand up now, recognising that enough is most certainly enough.

“We are encouraging women and men to attend, all age groups – younger and less young, First Nations and non-indigenous, to say enough is enough. This is not a women-only event, men will be speaking up too.”

This event has been organised by local women and is supported through the Blue Mountains Women’s Health and Resource Centre.

For more information, contact Cherie Brandon on 0451 773887.