The Action Plan has three focus areas:

Learn, Events and Safe Spaces


Each focus area is led by a local community agency:

Learn – Led by Zonta Club of the Blue Mountains

Events – Led by Belong Blue Mountains

Safe Spaces – Led by Blue Mountains Women’s Health and Resource Centre

Blue Mountains Gender Equity

Community Engagement Group Action Plan


Respect for individuals of any gender means acknowledging:

–  Equality of opportunity and freedom from fear of violence are basic human rights

–  People of all genders have equal rights and responsibilities

–  Fairness of treatment for all genders may mean equal treatment, or treatment that is different but considered equivalent in terms of rights, responsibilities and opportunities


Gender Equity Blue Mountains  aims to:

–  Facilitate community-led initiatives which align with the Principles of Blue Mountains City Council’s Gender Equity Strategy

–  Foster and promote community engagement on gender equity issues by and between members of the public, community organisations, businesses, Council and volunteer groups

–  Develop a community of mutual support for people affected by gender inequity


Lead Community Agencies include, but are not limited to:

–  Blue Mountains Women’s Health and Resource Centre and the EViE Project

–  Belong Blue Mountains

–  ZONTA Club of the Blue Mountains

–  Blue Mountains City Council



Through information & education,  to improve the knowledge base for Gender Equity in the Blue Mountains.



A resource for keeping up to date with events  related to Gender Equity issues in the Blue Mountains.


Safe Spaces

Providing a range of health and support services, groups and activities to women of the Blue Mountains.

Lead Agency:

ZONTA Club of the Blue Mountains Inc.


• Systems and capacity to support people
• Collation of local resources/information
• Linking schools, TAFE, universities

    Lead Agency:

    Belong Blue Mountains Community & Neighbourhood Services


    Explore and develop understanding of what gender equity looks like in the community via:
    •   stories / individual perspectives
    •   celebrations, performances, music, dance
    •   festivals, food
    •   health and wellbeing
    •   foster leadership from all genders

    Lead Agency:

    Blue Mountains Women’s Health and Resource Centre


    • Provide resources to support women and young girls
    • Advocate for accessibility and fostering identification and safety
    • Create programs for young women

      Key Issues

      Issues that came from the Planning Sessions for consideration by Working Parties include

      • Promote Inherent Dignity and Respect
      • Support Survivors of Violence, Abuse and with Mental Health issues
      • Increase Opportunities and Education
      • More “speaking up” by people affected by gender inequity
      • Empower Women to take back the power
      • Focus on the barrier of gender assumption
      • Recognition of Non-binary gender identities
      • Women and children have basic right to be safe

      Working Parties:

      Working Parties operate independently of each other to develop and implement activities in each of these Action Areas


      Council and Lead Community Agencies maintain a key contact person through whom communications are channelled and who coordinate joint promotions and media

      Decision Making:

      All decisions on Action Areas, resourcing and media profile are taken at Group meetings coordinated by the Lead Community Agencies, convened and with administrative support from Council and to which all Working Party participants are invited



      The activity and effectiveness of the Actions will be surveyed annually amongst Working Party membership and the wider community. Council will implement, analyse and distribute the results of the Survey

      Continuous Improvement:

      The direction and focus of Actions will be revised at an Annual Group meeting coordinated by the Lead Community Agencies, convened by Council and to which all participants in the Working Parties are invited

      Promotion and Media

      Project Identity:

      In all promotions and media, the engagement project and the activities of the Working Parties will be identified as joint community initiatives of the Lead Community Agencies with the support of Council in the context of the Blue Mountains Gender Equity Strategy


      Webpage and other social media platforms for the Engagement Group as a whole, including news of the activity of Working Parties, is maintained by Council.  Webpages and social media on Gender Equity activities of the Lead Community Agencies are linked and shared between them and with Council.

      Media Liaison:

      At the request, and with the input, of the Engagement Group, Council’s Media and Communications team will prepare and distributed media releases, images and materials on the Group as a whole, while acknowledging the participation of the Lead Community Agencies. Lead Community Agencies also may prepare media on the Gender Equity activities they are involved in under their own agency identity.